Since 1997
Fresh Ground Beef
No Fillers
Hand Cut Fries
     We're a family owned all american traditional diner; located in Wichita and Cheney since 1978.  Everything about us screams 1950's authinticity; from our hand cut fries and big juicy burgers to our juke box, hot pink neon lights and classic diner delivered intact on trucks.  We serve hamburgers with fresh ground beef, french fries hand cut from potatoes, Mexican food with no fillers, hotdogs, sandwiches, shakes, chicken fried steak, roast beef and much moore.  Our atmosphere is casual, clean and friendly; we offer quality food and good service at a reasonable price.  So stop on by anytime!  
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"I've been going to Walts for fifteen years and I like everything about it especially the fries" Henry Anderson
"Walts is like a time machine-it takes me to the innocent fifties, I just love the ambiance" Sara Finley